35 weeks butt pressure

This is the weirdest question I am ever gonna ask lol but does anyone else have like pressure in their butthole? 😂😂🙊omg I feel even dumber writing it out! I am in so much pain lately....I’m sure it has to do with my psychotic nesting/deep cleaning the last couple weeks but I am aching 24/7, especially my hips and pelvis front and back 😭it’s the worst when I’ve sat or laid down for awhile and go to get back up but it’s pretty constant...I feel like baby has run out of room and every jab hurts me now. It feels like my vagina bone is sore lol like all the way down the front of my vagina....this is my 4th and each pregnancy has felt worse and worse towards the end. I don’t see myself making it to my due date. But anyway like I said, I feel this weird pressure like it’s pushing on my butt hahaha it feels different than constipation so I’m not sure if it’s that. Anyone else? I feel like such a winner...I’m constantly moaning and groaning and no one else in my household gets it ugh while I have y’all ladies attention, is there any thing I can safely start doing now to prep for a smoother labor when the time comes. Aside from walking, sex and using the birthing ball. Is it safe to start eating dates and taking primrose oil yet?