Deadbeat Dad Story

my son was born Christmas <a href="">Eve</a> & on New Years at about 1am, my ex packed up his car & moved to the other side of the US in the middle of the night while we were sleep. no calls or texts.

he went facebook live about me & dogged me out, he let everybody disrespect me, his family told him to take me to court for custody, he started drama between me & 2 other females. he had already slept with 2 different females after a week.

i begged him to come back for the sake of his son, told him i would pay the gas money & all. he said he couldn’t come back because he would be disappointing the people on his facebook live. now 2 months later he is begging to come back, life isn’t going well for him, he’s been through 3 jobs already, his parents are making him pay all the bills in the house, his car needs maintenance, he has maxed out 2 credit cards. he has no privacy in the house & now all of a sudden he wants to be here for his son.

so i said NO!! reminded him that his son don’t need a man like that in his life. somebody who just walked away from him with no explanation!! he will be fine without him. my ex seriously has some growing up to do.