Severe Pelvic Pain I’m 33 weeks


I’m on my 4th pregnancy and I have NEVER felt this type of pain before in my life. I’ve had it during this entire pregnancy but now that I’m getting close to due date of course it’s getting worse I can’t imagine another month feeling like this. Baby girl is lying very low and has dropped. And of course the Braxton Hicks have started about a few weeks ago, but what is killing me is my pelvic. I cant left my leg to get a boot on without my pubic bone feeling like it’s going to break. I keep rolling in bed to try and get comfortable and it hurts so bad to do that I’m waking up every 30 minutes to an hour cause of pain. Walking is almost a no go and I’m constantly asking for hip and butt massages from my husband.

I mean I get pelvic pain during pregnancy, but I’ve never felt THIS kind of pain it even worries me for when I go into labor! Has anyone gone through this?

I’ll be asking my doctor next week, but I was just up all night last night I just want to know other peoples stories. Thank you!