Definitely a boy?

Does this definitely look like a boy? I'm 6 weeks away from my c-section and just so nervous the tech was wrong. Our sneak peek test said girl. (Ignore that it's on Snapchat and says team Snapchat. For some reason glow won't let me post just the normal image so I had to put it on Snapchat and screenshot it and now it works this way) This ultrasound was at 18 weeks and I had another at 22 weeks and that tech also said boy. I'm just so nervous we're buying all this boy stuff and it won't be a boy.

Just wanted to add we have 2 daughters already and this ultrasound looks nothing like theirs did at 18 weeks but it just seems too good to be true that I was hoping sneakpeek was wrong and it actually is. I'm happy either way but really hoping this is really a boy since it's likely our last baby