Open Family Relationship

Sydney • Mommy to one baby girl 🎀

If you and your family were open with each other, like growing up when you were a teen, what was the difference that made you be able to open up to your family & parents?

If you weren’t open with your parents and family, why not?

My family was very private and I was a very private person and never told anyone in my family things I was going through. Lots of things I kept a secret. I kept EVERYTHING to myself.

I know some people who shared everything with their family and parents & were very open with them. I wish I could have been like that but I just couldn’t.

As I have started my family & continue to work on growing it, I want that relationship with my kids where they feel comfortable with telling me everything that’s going on.

I’m thinking from what I’ve heard from my husband (who had an open relationship with his parents) is just that we, as parents, need to be open with our kids. Be open with them about our life experiences & mistakes we may have made at their age. That’s one thing my parents didn’t do with me. So I’m thinking maybe that’s the difference?

I don’t know, you tell me! 🙂