Pfizer covid vaccine whist TTC experiences?


Hi all,

I know this kind of subject is being discussed a lot but I am after people’s experiences of the Pfizer vaccine whilst TTC.

I am a frontline healthcare worker with auto immune conditions so I know I should have the vaccine but we have really been struggling to conceive then when we finally did I ended up miscarrying in January. My consultant and doctor originally told me to not have any vaccine when I asked a few months back but obviously my work are putting pressure on me to have one (they do not know I am TTC or have miscarried). I am thinking now I need to just bite the bullet and get vaccinated as the risk of covid is also extremely high.

I guess I’m looking for some reassurance from people that have had it and went on to conceive quickly after without problems. I keep reading about women having their menstrual cycles effected etc by the vaccine and all these worrying things! But you also see the same from those who actually catch covid so I know both carry risks!

Thank you 😊