Embarrassed about WET SHEETS (please help)


Last night I had sex with my boyfriend two times. Once around 9 pm, which was pretty quick, because we stopped once he orgasmed. We drank a glass of wine and decided around 10:45 to go at it again. He is not able to cum back to back like this so we knew this was fully for my pleasure. It was so passionate. We have had sex this passionate multiple times before but this time was different. It had been over an hour of him going back and forth between fingering me, rubbing me clit, eating me out, and us having penetrative sex. Around midnight we were tired and thirsty so we decided to call it quits. We got dressed and went to the kitchen to get water, and when we came back he said “look at the bed.” There was a wet spot right where I was laying. I was so confused and embarrassed. I don’t orgasm very often, but when I do I have been fully aware that it is happening in the past. He was so proud of himself like “oh yeah I just did that!” so thankfully he didn’t care that the sheets were wet and if anything he was happy. I don’t know what this liquid is. I never felt an orgasm, and I never felt any liquid come out of body. We know this is from me because he was wearing a condom and didn’t cum anyways.

Can someone please explain what this is? Is it normal? I’m weirded out (even a little grossed out) because it has never happened and we have been having sex with one another for over 2 years. Thanks in advance.

Not a ton of liquid, as you can see the size in comparison to my SO, but more than just a drop. I highly doubt it is pee. When I have orgasmed in the past, it usually stays inside me and then comes out once I stand up and wipe or go pee. Again I didn’t feel an orgasm tho. (Also we DID wash the sheets right after, although in the pic my SO is laying next to the spot lol)