Anatomy scan ✔️ y’all putting your nursery’s together now?

Queen 👑 • Second FET success! Soon to be mama to boy/girl Twins 💖💙

Most of us Aug 2021 mama’s are in the second trimester!! Personally im 17w6d with twins measuring 19+ weeks 😅 Anatomy scan today was perfect. The only thing they couldn’t get was my son’s hands and face as usual that boy is wild 😂😭💙 doing flips and boxing lol. My daughter was a busy body as well but allowed the tech to take all the necessary photo’s, my little diva 💖☺️ Aside from marginal placenta previa discovered today (which I’m actually SUPER NERVOUS about) it looks like we’re healthy & so far in the clear... so who all is setting up their nursery? Now that my anatomy scan is over with I feel I can somewhat relax, but then again im like nah... lets wait until we’re viable 😬 - ugh damn anxiety lol

My mama always told me though, “when you want something... speak it into existence.” I speak life into my babies & believe in my heart God will allow me to deliver them BOTH healthy! I think I’m gonna start this weekend!! Just want other opinions

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