To all ladies with PCOS..


Hello Cysters

Hope you are all well!

I come to you with nothing but positive feedback today.

A lot of women, including myself at one point, wanted to know what supplements to take to help ease symptoms that come with PCOS and maybe increase my chances on conceiving naturally.

I've mentioned previously before that I have irregular periods, I don't ovulate regular, I struggle with weight gain, mood swings, tiredness etc..

I started taking inofolic alpha back in January. Withing the first month I noticed I was losing weight around my stomach, which was amazing, my stomach looks completely flat compared to the bloated mess I was before lol. I also ovulated for the first time in 6 months (I've been using ovulation tests for roughly 7 months now and always got negatives). I'm on my second months worth and for someone whose period always late and when it does come its always past day 30 in my cycle I've come on my period today which is day 27 in my cycle which I haven't been this early for as long as I can remember.

It recommended to give it at least 3 months but on my second month and already happy. I do recommend for you ladies trying to conceive but also if your not it does help with symptoms like previously mentioned.