Rough spot

Husband and I have been married for almost 3 years. We've gone through a lot of difficulties that resulted in us going to counseling. It was unfortunately, interrupted after only 2/3 sessions due to bad communication on the staffs' end. Although, we only went a little, it did help. He started working on what I needed from him and I vise versa. However, my end was and had been going slower than his. But, I was doing my best to try to not be how I was during pregnancy and postpartum. I started to respond instead of react to what he said and started trying to be more laid back about things....unfortunately, he doesn't really want to keep trying anymore because he feels I'm still demanding and we argue over little things too much, When it shouldn't be and isn't actually the case. (This started last week)

Jump to now, we are in a really rough spot and I'm waiting for our counseling to start again. I told him I love him and I got šŸ‘Œ...I'm not upset, I had no expectations over the matter....but it did cut a bit deep.