Am I pregnant or jumping the gun?

Sarah • TTC #3 for 4 yrs
I have been ttc baby number 3 for 2yrs now. I'm on cd 14 and since cd12 I have had sore boobs that has got worse everyday. Today they are sore to touch and feel hot and are heavy, a bit like when your milk comes in after having a baby. The pain is mainly inthe nipple and spreads. Today I have also got a dull ache in my tummy. Not quite period pains or ovulation pains. Just a dull ache. I usually have tender boobs when my AF is due but not till after I ovulate, perhaps a week before AF starts. This is way too early for me to have sore boobs and not normally this sore either. Am I getting my BFP this month or am I reading too much into things??