Cervical Mucus - What to look for?

Gunce • Head of research at Glow. Unwilling infertility expert. 2 kids after 6 IVF treatments.

Early warning – some of this will be graphic and TMI.

Our first topic: “Cervical Mucus – What is going on down there?”

Cervical mucus is produced by glands within the cervix, and specifically within your cervical canal. As many of us know and track religiously, during your menstrual cycle, both the quantity and the quality of cervical fluids undergo a number of changes. 

Here is a visual tour of what happens to your cervix and cervical mucus throughout your cycle. (Warning again! Very graphic.) 

• During your period, your flow covers the mucus signs. This is what your cervix looks like:

• After your period, there are usually a few days without mucus. These are called "dry days."  Here is your cervix during those days:

• When an egg starts to ripen, more mucus is produced. It appears at the opening of the vagina. It is generally yellow or white and cloudy. And it feels sticky or tacky. Like so:

• Usually, you will have the most mucus just before ovulation. It looks clear and feels slippery — like raw egg white. These are the "slippery days." It is the peak of your fertility.

• After about four slippery days, you may suddenly have less mucus. Or it will become cloudy and tacky again. And then you may have a few more dry days before your period starts.

Isn't that amazing? And it is so interesting to see what the cervix does as well. Our question now to you us is:

Do you keep track of your CM? Do you find it useful? Don't you wish they would teach this to women earlier in life?