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So long story short: I constantly joke about my boyfriend being a bottom. At first i was just trying to tease him but he didn’t know what it meant so it became a running joke. Then in October, a “murderer” at a haunted house saw my choker necklace and jokingly told my boyfriend that choking me is his job;). I brought it up recently because i thought it was funny, and he was like “ahaha no, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Now for the fun part: he found out what bottom means literally 2 days ago, a few hours after I mentioned the choking thing. We went on a date today and when I hugged him from behind, i jokingly reached up and touched his neck, and he was like yeah, fuck no. Then later to prove a point he grabbed me from behind, his arms wrapped around mine, put his hand on my neck lightly, and leaned into my shoulder, and said “see? It’s not that fun.” And his breath on my neck and his hand on my throat and his chest pressed against my back and I was just like holymotherfuckingshit I’mabouttodie ifIhadacockitdefinitelywouldn’tbeflaccid but i was just like “no, I’m actually enjoying this.” So he moved his hand and kept hugging me. And I was just kinda panicking and fuck brain still goin brrrrrrrr