Young Adult Depression

Alexis • Trying to stay young; but growing inevitably everyday
I have not been diagnosed by a doctor but I am 99% sure I'm suffering from severe depression. I came to a point where I was constantly breaking down feeling worthless and hopeless. I have every symptom of depression that I can research. I'm acting in ways that I can't control (irritable, angry, careless) and I'm treating my loved ones like strangers and it's all uncontrollable. I literally went to types it everything I was feeling and all signs point directly to depression. It's a monkey on back that follows me everywhere I ago. I don't want this to affect my relationship with my boyfriend and my mother is already used to the constant abuse I put her through. I am positive I am depressed but no one believes therefore I'm not being treated for it. Even if I was making it up, I also researched if depression was hereditary becomes I know my mom is depressed and so is my father and it does run in the family. What do I do. Everyone doesn't believe me. Or maybe I just feel ignored because of the depression. Please help me, I'm not right and this isn't me. I'm scared and exhausted. I don't want to hate myself anymore