Fertility Massage

Bri • 28, miracle baby in 2016 and now trying for a sibling 💕
Yesterday I had a sobada or a fertility massage from my husbands aunt. If you search fertility massage on YouTube you can probably find what I'm talking about. Anyway she's helped a lot of ladies get pregnant so I hope this works!  It's really one of those things that don't make much sense but end up curing things (like how people cure people with eggs- if your Hispanic you most likely understand what I'm referring to). I know it's a long shot that this will work but I've tried other tricks (bbt, cm observing, opk, preseed, geritol) why not try this too? I'll keep you updated on it, a little sore from the massage but I also have af so it could be that too. She instructed me to not have sex for at least a week, no strenuous activity, no excercise. I should also note that next week I have an appointment with another lady for another one since I've heard both ladies are very good. Baby dust to all! ✨?