I think I hate my mom

She ALWAYS chooses my step dad over her kids. Today was my 10th time hearing my step dad talk shit about me in the neighborhood! So I told me mom and she goes “what makes you so special that he wants to talk about you to everybody” then she goes “I don’t believe it” like wtf! I’m pregnant and he was telling everyone my baby isn’t for my boyfriend it’s for some 50 year old man in the neighborhood which isn’t true at all. I told my mom I’m done with him and his bullshit! Not to mention he molested me as a child and she still didn’t believe me. So now she’s ignoring me when I’m telling her I’m sick because she’s mad that I’m cutting my step dad off! Parents aren’t always right and my mom can fuck off! I blocked her I’m done with her ass too! How could you be this way with your child over a man!!