My mom left my baby in a soiled diwper bc she was mad at me

I have her in the tub now and Im FUMING mad! So i leave out to work and before I go my mom says nothing to me except are the kids sleep and i said yes and left.

I get off work and i get a text in all caps from my mom saying she has to be at work by 6. How is she getting there. Um.. She didnt tell me shit before she left. She wasnt ready before i left to drop me off either.

So i get home and pick up my daughter. Shes soaked th rough her clothes with pissy and poop. I asked my brother why isnt she changed and she said our mom told him not to.

So bc shes pissed she let my baby stay in a shitty diaper yet changes her patients. She rants and raves abt how she could get fired. But when i was late bc my bro accidently had my keys in his pocket and they went joy riding ..she said the most your boss can do is fire you.

Im already working. Im doing my damnest to make money so i can leave. I may have to go to a janky ass apt. Bc this behaviour is bullshit. She keeps telling me how lucky i am bc she had such a hard life but then does this shit.

Im close 2 cussing her tf out.


Thank you everyone that posted. Im so over my bitchy ass mom.they complain how daycare is evil thwy dont care but my mom purposely did this shit. Im so apalled my brother would listen to her amd leave my bby like that uhg.

@Jane- I want to cut her off so bad what she did was super shitty. Im doing my best to work so i can save and move. This is the 1st time my mom has done this bullshit. When she knows her bitch ass is wrong as fuck she buys a shit ton of gifts for my kids. Im trying to gwt out i am. But yeah my mom is getting cut off bc her dumb ass would act like she's in the right and ignore me all day. I swear im just trying my damnest to leave and even then bc of this bullshit moritorium affordable apts are on waitlists.