It’s been an eventful Friday afternoon!

Ravin • Wife to the best man, mama to the best boy 💙

I started spotting very lightly, very light pink, exactly a week ago and got pretty upset assuming it was AF. Spotted a couple days ago again, very lightly, lighter brown. Have been having some very mild, intermittent cramps since then and all the way up to today, still currently happening. Have had several headaches this week, sore nipples and now bad bloating/gas. I have brushed all of these symptoms off as my period but today, when I got home from work, I had a weird feeling to just take a test. I was already convinced it would be negative but almost immediately got the first line. Came quicker than the control line. Naturally I had to run to the store and get 5 more tests, including 3 digital and 2 pink dye line tests. Got two positive digital and one more positive line test. I haven’t taken the others yet. The top one is the first test I took.

I keep feeling like this is a dream. Still trying to process. I’ve had very irregular periods since I was 16, and was on birth control from then until 24. A little over a year off BC and here we are. Somebody pinch me ❤️