He doesn't like the kids

Husband has been off today and has been miserable with me and the kids. He wants to talk about subject material that interests him and a toddler screaming, he wants to be on a phone and a baby is crying. He was agitated all day, in our vehicle, running errands, at the dinner table, every second of the day. He kept saying every five minutes "we aren't having any more children."

When we crawled into bed tonight he asked what it would take to woo me as he wanted intimacy. I snapped. I turned away and told him he couldn't be further from the mark. That I knew he loved me, but he doesn't like the kids. I told him I try to make time for him to enjoy his hobbies, time away from us, that I bend over backwards when he does spend time with us to make it special. That I am pushing myself 24/7 he doesn't get up with them he doesn't do much of anything with them. That they are my whole world and I am reminded any point you spend with them how miserable you are. That if it doesn't revolve around you and your interests and clearly your interests are not our children then you are so unhappy. You state it every five minutes when you loudly announce you don't want any more of them. Why would I want then to share my bed with you I don't find that sexy. I find it to be sad. You are making me sad. You are ruining my weekends when you are here.

He didn't deny any of it he put his arms around me told me he loved me and he won't keep saying he doesn't want more kids. I cried.

I don't doubt his love for me. But to love me is to love my babies. I am killing it as a wife and mom I honestly don't need his help at all in life. What I need emotionally though is a partner who genuinely wants to spend time with our children. Children he wanted. Children he doesn't literally lift a finger for but write checks to care for. He loves me but the more he dislikes our babies the more I'm not loving him.

For anyone who wants to shame me go for it. I need a safe place to vent. My husband works 60+ hours a week, he has lots of hobbies outside our home, plans tons of trips away from us. He has fully admitted he doesn't like them and this stage of life we are in. He tells me all the time he thinks he waited too long to have children and he misses his old life. This isn't something I just conjured up in my head. This is my reality. I have been living as a single parent married since we've had the children. He tells everyone he literally does nothing when it comes to the kids. He also doesn't deny it when I ask him point blank if he doesn't like our children. This isn't me thinking low of him it is our absolute reality. I'm concerned when then children get older and realize this or hear how he speaks of them. It is a turn off completely for me as his partner and wife and mother of his children. Just for the record I didn't say he didn't love them I point blank said he doesn't like them.