Bleeding at 12 weeks - pregnant with my 2nd


So I woke up this morning around 1am and thought that I wet the bed. I was really tired so wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not. I then quickly realised the worst, that I must be bleeding. Terrified I grabbed my phone and looked at my hand after I checked, and I was infact bleeding. I was crying hysterically, rang 999 and headed to the emergency department to be assessed. They said they couldn't do much other than ask for a urine sample and check my vitals. My urine had traces of blood in and said that I would need to go to the EPAU on the 29th July. That's almost a week away and I couldn't go a week without knowing. So I booked a private scan today, the only one available.

Baby seems to be moving all over the place, heart beating strong but I was told that they can see where I have been bleeding. The sonographer said that it looks like a hematoma. I feel slightly reassured but I'm still scared to go sleep and go toilet, the bleeding seems to be more like spotting now and I've only need one pad but please someone tell me that worrying about something like this is normal? Better yet has anyone else had bleeding but had a normal healthy pregnancy?