How to stop being sexually active …

Hi ❤️ so I hope this comes across women who will not shame me for my actions.

Lately I’ve been craving sex like no other. I have been masturbating but I feel like it is not doing the job anymore. I want to experience intimacy with an actual person.

Last weekend I was in Vegas with some friends and I met a guy there and we did was protected ofc so it was fine.

This weekend I went on a date with this other guy and we didn’t have full on sex. I did go down on him and he fingered me.

The purpose of this post is to ask how can I control myself to stop having every encounter lead to sex or something sexual? I always feel upset with myself after I do something because though I wanted it, I feel like I need more self control.

I also will like to add that both of them understood my consent to stuff and there was no taken advantage of (before someone says something along those lines.)

I also understand this may not seem like a big deal to others, but personally I feel like I need to not have sex every time with a man i makeout with.

Any advice would be great appreciated💕