I’m so lost and hurt


So my dad abandoned me when I was 5. When I was 17 I found my dad and started talking to him. Couple months later I tell my dad I got sexually assaulted by my mum’s husband and he said he believed me. The day of my birthday my dad threatened my partner and said he’ll put my partner back in jail and he’ll send my mum screenshots of me apparently lying and spreading rumours of being sexually assaulted. First off who the fuck would lie about it and two. I hate my parents so much I will never forgive them. What kind of parent doesn’t believe there daughter when they tell them they got assaulted in so confused.

I haven’t seen my family since my birthday and I haven’t talked to my dad since my birthday and not wanting to talk to him again or my mum.

My dad sent my mum screenshots of our chat and changed my text and lied to me and said he didn’t. My mum told me I need serious help and that she’s gonna cut me off if I don’t stop lying. She chose not even her own blood over her own daughter that hurts.

So all I have is my partner because my mum got everyone including my brother to believe her over me which doesn’t surprise me. Mum plays the victim she told me she’s even talking to someone to help her recover. The only person who should be recoving is me. I am so lost and broken and also I have bpd (borderline personality disorder) because of my childhood and my mother and father and abusive partners and other things. And I am 18 now. But I am so lost and heartbroken that none of my family came and asked for my side of the story but no they assumed I lied and believed her and judged straight away.

I hate that I trusted dad I should of listened to my mate. I’ve lost my family and my mum because I told him what My mum’s husband did. I need my mum in my life I’m only 18 I don’t know what I’m doing I’m lost and I can’t go run to mum cause she doesn’t want me around.