Spotting at 6 weeks 5 days


I am 6 weeks 5 days and I Had 2 small spots of brown when I wiped last time I peed. I didn’t have any spotting or bleeding with my first pregnancy so this is different. Is it ok as long as it isn’t red? I can’t get an ultrasound until I’m atleast 9 or 10 weeks so basically I worry over every little thing. Just looking for others opinions, if it gets worse or darker blood I’ll go to ER probably.

Update- it’s pink now, I am having some cramps but I have had them on and off since right before I found out so idk if they are normal or not.

UPDATE- went to the ER last night. They could see baby but it’s measuring a week behind so 5 weeks 5 days so obviously couldn’t see the heartbeat or anything but the doctor said overall my bloodwork was good and baby looked ok but a miscarriage could still happen. I also had to get a rhogam shot due to being RH- and my daughter was +.