I told my girlfriend I have autism

I decided to today to tell my.girlfriend about me being.diagnosed with autism Wednesday... Idk why I was so.scared. She's never been ashamed of me. Even when her friends were mad at her for asking me to prom because I was "the weird guy". People made fun of her for liking me but she held her head high holding my hand in thigh school. I guess I'm scared me being autistic would be too much. She's the only one who has given me love... My family abused me.. My, dad, and sisters, and people at school abused me. I still don't know how to feel about having autism... I told her that I needed to tell her something and told her about my therapist having me evaluations and that I have autism. I looked away because I was embarrassed and she just held my hand an asked if I wanted to watch cartoons with her. (I still enjoy cartoons. I know 22 is too old but especially the only ones are very nostalgic). She ordered pizza and we watched cartoons and she cuddled me and that was it❤