Can my cat sense pregnancy


I have a very loving cat joker and hes always been one to snuggle and always sleeps on top of my head at night. As annoying as it can be thats his spot and ive come to live with it. Ive noticed the past few days him and my other cat that normally doesnt sleep with me have been cuddling up by my stomach. Joker has been “petting” me and laying on my somach or touching it in some way when we lay on the couch. These little behavioral changes make me wanna buy a test. Ive also noticed some symptoms my breasts hurting alot, bloating, some nausea. I just pass it off as pms as these are my normal pms symptoms that can also be pregnancy symptoms and as a person ttc ive learned to not get my hopes up over feeling those till ive had a missed period which is due in 4 days.