Birth Control & Unprotected Sex


I got my period the 9th of July, I also started Birth Control the 9th.

It has been messing with my hormones so I’m still bleeding have been for 15 days now. After the first 9 days me and the boyfriend got down n dirty. (Yes still on my period). He did ejaculate inside my body. Just curious the odds of pregnancy since these oral birth control pill have been screwing with my hormones making my period continues. I haven’t missed a pill I haven’t been lame on a pill or early. 8pm every night.

Don’t come on the post and try to ream me a new one for having unprotected sex, I see a lot of people trying to be Karen’s on some peoples post but all they are doing is reaching out for advice and help. We’re human we make mistakes. We live a little we learn a little. Any advice or help would be good in my case, just wanna know if anyone has ever been in my shoes with the continuous bleeding when first started birth control pill and being dumb and letting a man ejaculate inside 9 days after starting the pill. Or if I could get advice as to why I’m still bleeding.

I am 20 years old and I know what choices I’ve made.

I am smart but just trying to live a little I don’t wanna get pregnant witch is why I started using the birth control pill.