Still not over ex after year

It’s almost been a year now he left a week before our 3 year. He was my first everything first real bf, lost my v to him, first love. In the end he wasn’t good to me at all, he didn’t care if he hurt my feelings. And in the beginning it felt like he was using me just for sex stuff before we ended up in a real relationship.

Fast forward to now I’m doing good on my own I think (I’m 19) I’m really trying to work on me. It feels like a lot has happened since we broke up. He kinda hit up my friend and a girl from my work. I also had a girl message me saying he raped her (NO IDEA IF THATS TRUE). It’s been so hard to move on and now he has a gf. To make matters worse I’m pretty sure she’s Italian like him, he always wanted that. He told me he didn’t want a relationship but now he’s with her and it’s hard not to wonder why I wasn’t good enough. I haven’t even been on a date since we broke up.