A little hope 🌈

On July 3 2021, I experienced my first miscarriage, it was my second pregnancy. Although I don’t understand why it happened I continued to have faith to try again. July 6 2021 I went in to get my blood drawn to make sure my levels were “back to normal” and they were. The dr had said I had passed my miscarriage and could start trying again once the bleeding stopped. (My bleeding lasted from 7/3-7/7)

My family and I are spiritual people so we believe everything happens for a reason.

Lately I haven’t been feeling myself, so I decided to test (thinking it’d be a BFN).

To my surprise it’s a BFP.

I don’t want to get to excited yet, or my hopes up. I haven’t told my hubby yet. I’m kinda nervous and scared.

Has anyone had a miscarriage and carried full term right after?

Im praying this is true and it grows into a healthy full term pregnancy.