My boyfriend came home in tears

My boyfriend is 18 and studying tone an LPN even though no one in his class takes him seriously. He got me pregnant at 16, graduated early, got his CNA and a couple college credits. Now he's in trade school on a scholarship for nursing.

They went on a field trip today to a local hospital and it was.... Traumatizing. They decided to take them to the saddest areas, like the cancer ward and pediatric burn ward. The one that fucked my boyfriend up and in the children's hospital connected to the hospital they went to the pediatric oncology ward and just looked at super sick children. They had a little girl flat line and the teacher had them watch as she died. The teacher said that this is the reality of being in this field. You will see death. Of adults and children. then the teacher went to my boyfriend and said "Are you ready for this because if not I would leave this field. It upsets me that the teacher only said that to him because he wasn't the only one crying... His classmates and teachers have made it.clear to him they don't believe in him because he's the youngest. He was so distraught about the whole thing and just bawling...

Edit: My issue isn't just this. First off, if everyone was crying why did the teacher just talk to him. Also the teacher never lets him answer questions in class. Ever. Even if he is the only one raising his hand. His entire class is rude to him and want him to quit because of his age. They wouldn't even let him join their study group. Yet on that test he got one of the highest. Everyone was crying so by that logic no one on that class should be a nurse. I've had plenty of doctors say they cried when they lost their first patient. They may be right. But to.continuously try to make someone one quit because you don't believe in them because of their age is wrong. Also he's not the only boy in the class. There are like 7 other guys I'm a class of like 18. He's just the youngest.

Okay people saying the teacher wasn't singling him out do not know this teacher. He's the only one who isn't allowed to answer questions. Everyone is the class INCLUDING the teacher has made rude comments on his age saying "Do you even have a drivers license". He's singled out constantly. For God sake on one exam this teacher congradulated everyone who made an A except him and he made a 97%.

Edit: @Realist he's just gonna keep doing his thing. Regardless of what people think about him he's a strong person. Just sometimes he has too many emotions and needs to let them out.

@Briabella thank you for the book recommendation! I'm going to suggest it for him.