5-wk-old sleep + gas questions


Hey y'all! First-time mama here. My 5-week-old has typically woken up every 1.5-2hrs with crazy gas pains/farting. But today, she had 2 long naps (4hrs each) and has had a steady stream of painful farts when awake, but no poop.

So...what is normal at 5wks? What's the average sleep time for your babe?

AND..any tricks for this awful gas? We've tried switching formulas, bottles, nipples...done tummy time, bicycle legs, tummy massages...burping halfway through and after each bottle (sometimes more)...gas drops and gripe water....it just seems to be getting worse. And i really would not like to spend $80/mo on a probiotic (been getting ads like crazy, obviously), but i will if i have to!! I just hate having her in such pain all the time and know she needs to sleep longer than those 2hr stretches around the clock.