Am I really going to ovulate?

Veronica • •FTM to Ella Mae• 03.30.20•🥺💜🤱🏻•

Hi everyone, I am currently TTC baby #2. Ever since giving birth to my daughter in March 2020 I’ve had irregular periods. And I mean I wouldn’t get a period for monthsss. I have also never been on birth control except for once when I was 15 and my mom got me on the pill and I was never consistent with it. I got pregnant with my daughter at 18 and now I am 20 and struggling to get pregnant. Well what I wanted to know was that if my last period was in February and I bled for two weeks and then I just got my period since then on July 24-27 will I ovulate? Because on my Flo app it says my next period won’t be until another 140 days lol and my <a href="">glow app</a> says my ovulation is in a couple days. So basically what I wanna know is if I have any chance at all to get pregnant now that I’ve gotten a period? Or does it seem unlikely because I’ve gone so long without one? Also anyway to regulate my periods and how to track my ovulation because to be completely honest I’ve never tracked my ovulation before so I don’t really know how to. I’ve only ever tracked my periods and they were normal before I got pregnant so when I missed it one month I knew I was pregnant. Any help is appreciated 💙