12dpo, and a negative

Bianca • 7 year strong relationship 🤍💍 08.13.2021👰‍♀️ ✨21 years old🌹

i wouldn’t be testing like this if i didn’t think i was pregnant, but every morning i have been since about 9dpo.

my boobs have been killing me since, i have cramps on and off in like a certain spot, and like it doesn’t even feel like the normal “PMS” cramping, its different.. and hard to explain. my belly in general has just been feeling off.

and wow.. this morning, i wake up feeling pretty damn nauseated, so i’m like “YES, THIS WILL BE MY BFP!” and go to take a test and get that dumb EVAP line, atleast thats what i’m believing it to be because its so very faint.

i haven’t been this irritated in my LIFE because of something like this. its strange, i just feel DIFFERENT.

AF is due in 2 days. I’m TRYING to just wait and see if she comes or atleast wait until then for another test.

i’m so sorry for my little rant, but maybe i’m just moody 😂😂😂