Probably over thinking things

So recently my partner and my brother have been speaking and my brother is currently single so he talks to my partner about man things and sends him pictures of other females preferably ones with red hair my partner then replied to my brother and said red hair girls are mean and a devil in bed which at this case my brother sent him a picture of a group of women one with red hair blonde hair , brown hair and black hair bare in mind they are all skinny too my brother asked him which one makes him excited (turned on) and he instantly without a doubt said the red haired one ... me and my brother we don't keep secrets from each other so he told me what was said... I'm a brownhaired girl with green eyes and currently weigh 16 and a half stone I told him I'm not happy with my body and he insists I look fine but he makes me feel very insecure when he compliments all these skinny girls I even offered to dye my hair red for him and was told NO .... Now we hardly have any intercourse he would rather play his console than spend time with me (I'm currently pregnant too ) his up till stupid times playing his games and when he finally does come to bed he goes straight to sleep and doesn't want to know ... WHAT DOES THIS MEAN PLEASE HELP 😭