Devastated by my mother..

Victoria • I`m a 34 year old married woman! I`ve been with my hubby for 10 years and we have a beautiful 5 year old little girl and a 2 year old little girl! We’re TTC #3.
Let me start by saying that I was adopted and not as a baby. My parents adopted me when I was ten. My mother and I have always had issues in ways of how we communicate with each other. She is the classic mean girl. She has no problems telling you that she thinks your skirt, shirt, hair choice, car choice, choice in degree, house, in laws, you name it is horrible and disgusting. 
My parents are very wealthy and she is one of those people that looks down on others. She will go volunteer at the hospital consignment shop, or to be the president of this association or that association not fully out of the goodness of her heart but so that she can tell people that she's a good person for doing so. Many years I felt she adopted me (they were my aunt and uncle before they adopted me) simply so she could brag about how she helped me in life and what a good person she is for doing so. I'm the opposite, for the most part I don't like confrontation and I'm a cancer. I love to give and <a href="">nurture</a> people until they can't stand the fact that I'm near them anymore and tell me I'm suffocating them lol basically. I'm also rather sensitive. 
However, I'm almost 30 now and married and I've been working on our relationship! I thought it was important and I want my mom in my life and in my daughters life. When we got pregnant we had just moved into this really run down house that was a foreclosure and needed a ton of work. That was in May. I got pregnant in mid June. So it's basically been my husband doing everything on weekends while taking care of me on week nights because I was so sick the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy! My mom and dad have been over the moon and so supportive of everything. They told me they were proud as everything! Only now I get a text message from my cousin screen shoting conversations where my mother has been bashing me behind my back saying that I'm basically failing and that my husband and I have done nothing to the house and that we're just playing around and all of these nasty hurtful things. I'm heart broken. I don't want to say anything to my mom because I know she'll be angry with my cousin but now the one person in my life who should be supportive of me is my mother I'm an only child. I'm all she has. And she broke my heart. :-( anyone else have hurtful mean parents and feel so alone right now?