How much is too much?


How much iron is too much iron? My OB said I’m the tiniest bit anemic. My prenatals have 28 mg of iron in them so I thought that would be enough, but end though I’ve been taking them every day at my 3 hour GD test they told me I’m still a bit anemic. So I bought some iron gummies and they have 9 mg and I take two like the bottle says. But I’ve started to get a bit dizzy and I don’t know if maybe I’m just dehydrated or maybe the iron is making my blood pressure go up and making me dizzy. So I’m thinking of only starting to take one iron gummy and see how that goes, along with my prenatal. Because I also just don’t know how much iron is too much since, again, my OB said I’m only the tiniest bit of anemic. Can someone help? 😅 I’m new to all of this and have no idea what I’m doing.