Would you just move on?

I haven’t spoken to my boyfriend is 3 days. The first day, I kept trying to initiate conversation but he kept leaving me on delivered. At one point I asked if we was ok and he only said “been out all day”. He only sent me 3 messages that entire day. The next day, I didn’t bother him. I figured if he wanted to speak to me he would. Later that night, I just caved and sent him a funny video. I was trying to break whatever tension was there. He did respond fairly quickly but when I texted him back, he left me on delivered again. Today, day 3, we haven’t communicated at all and it’s 11pm. I failed to mention that on all 3 days, he has been active on social media. On day 2, he was at a party which he posted on Snapchat. I think I’m just going to walk away.