TWW musings

Jayme Lyn

Ok so husband and I have been ttc for a little over a year, I’m 10 seconds away from getting some help (35, first child… eggs are dying lol)

But.. I’ve been having more symptoms that I’m googling to death, and I’m making myself crazy.

6dpo I got a canker sore.. I haven’t had one in YEARS.

7-8 dpo I had some pretty uncomfortable cramping (centered, not one side), today was 9dpo and the cramping is gone but the nose is congested, sore throat just kicked in, and I’ve been having a touch of heartburn, dizziness on 7 & 8dpo, and all tests to this point have been negative. I know it’s too early but also icouldnthelpmyself. Also on 8dpo my uterus just felt full.

The other thing that’s NEVER happened before is that I had an incredibly vivid dream that I had three positive pregnancy tests in my hand, and in the dream, we told both of our mothers. Then I woke up and I just feel.. aligned?

I’ve also had little mini breakouts (just tiny bumps, nothing major) which never happen. I’ve been lucky with the clear skin my entire life. (I know, I hate me, too).

Major mood swing this morning, headaches when I wake up but they go away, and if I could have had sex 20 times today I would have.

Thoughts anyone? It mostly all seems to be valid symptoms, but I’ve had some of these before and then bfn.