Positive, then negative, then no gestational sac


Okay so this is a long one but I need advice.

I tested positive on 7/24.. 3 different tests and they were all positive. Faint but positive. I was 3 days late and had some bleeding.. I thought it was the start of my period but it stopped. That’s what made me decide to test. Tested the next day and again, positive. The bleeding went on for a few days but eventually stopped. I decided to test again 4 days later and the line was even lighter this time.

Fast forward to today.. I was having some pretty bad cramping, no bleeding and was getting worried it might be ectopic. I went to the ER and they did a urine test and a transvaginal ultrasound. The urine came back negative for pregnancy and the ultrasound showed no gestational sac int uterus. They said my ovaries looked okay but didn’t mention my tubes.

I’m home and starting to panic that this might be ectopic still. Would they be able to detect it on the ultrasound? Obviously my levels are falling which means I’m probably miscarrying right? Any insight at all would help! 🙏🏻