Starting to doubt myself

I’m 38 weeks & a newly single mom. My baby will be here soon so I’m now just thinking “how can I do this??”

My 2 year old still prefers me to lay in bed with him for him to fall asleep at nap time & bed time. I’d occasionally nap with him but now I won’t be able to. 🥺 How will I put my 2 year old down when I have a newborn? 😰 I’m so nervous. I won’t be able to sleep when baby sleeps because I have a toddler, I worry I’ll be tired 24/7 & will go crazy with the lack of sleep. ☹️ I’m also sad that my boy won’t be my only baby anymore.. I wish I got to spend more time with him, with just us 2. ☹️❤️