What is a good anxiety supplement?


I want something to help with the nerveneses that comes with anxiety. I just want something to keep me relax and calmed without moving around being tense all the time.

I don't really know how well supplements last for anxiety,but I have read different supplements has helped other people. I'm skeptical about these supplements,but I also don't won't tons of side effects all at one time.

What kind of anxiety medication is good? Which one is the most popular that does wonders?. I've been on Buspar but didn't take it very long. Don't know how long it takes before you feel a full effect,but my doctor says her patients loves it. I also heard Wellbutrin is good,but I been on that back in 2016 that caused me to have no appetite. Maybe I didn't give it time past the side effects to work properly!

Anxiety is a beast and I don't know why Satan created it,but I want it to cured forever and gone.