Short cervix at 20 and shorter at 22 weeks

Heather • Greyson Benjamin born 4/6/16... Little boy stole my heart 💙
Has anyone dealt with this issue? I had a leep procedure last year and my doctor told me that I should be "fine" and "no worries" with this pregnancy. Then at my 20 week scan, I was told I have a short cervix but not to "lose sleep" over it. So I had to go back in today and I was told it was shorter by the us tech and she wanted to run and talk to the doctor before I left, even though I have an appointment tomorrow morning to see him. She tells me bedrest tonight and to speak to him tomorrow. I don't know what the length was but my husband says he saw 1.7cm on the screen. He wasn't 100% certain though. I just need to know what this all may mean and if anyone has gone through this before. Here's a pic of my little man from today too.