32weeks pregnant

Alicia • So much love for a little girl and little boy💕💙
So after no sign affects and 4 negative pregnancy tests I believed I wasn't pregnant. So one morning I went into college and my tutor said I had been putting weight on but nothing major. So I went to the college nurse to take yet another pregnancy test and it came back positive. Massive shock. Being only 18 I didn't know what to think or do. I knew I hadn't had sexual inter course for a long time. So the same day I found out I went to the doctors and heard my little ones heartbeat and went to the hospital to find out I was at least 32 weeks pregnant and was having a little girl. 
After having a very bad experience in delivery I had to have forceps delivery. Honestly don't know how I did it. Worst tear possible and the doctor unfortunately cut to deep so I couldn't sit down or walk for months so I couldn't look after my little girl. After going to the hospital every week after my little girl was born they have discharged me from hospital!! So happy. I will need to have an operation in afew months and if I have any more kids it will have to be c section but I have never been so happy. Having Melodie was the best feeling in the world. Cannot describe my love for her!