Preterm labour?

Rachel • 24, Hull UK 🇬🇧 Expecting baby number 1, 👶👑 my little princess due 29th February
Late last night I started getting mild tummy cramps and tightenings, I googled and I'm pretty sure they were braxton hicks. They weren't painful or frequent. I then started getting toilet tummy ache, since the beginning of my pregnancy I've been constipated and only managing a BM every 5-6 days. Well last night, early this morning I was very loose, and went about 4 times! I'm having the tummy cramps again this morning but no tightenings, 2 loose BM, and extremely nauseas. I didn't want to phone my mum and worry her as I'm only 27weeks but I'm wondering if this could be preterm labour or (hopefully) an upset tummy. Sorry if this is a dumb post