My husband is being an ass!


I just had a chemical pregnancy. Still waiting to bleed and the hormone drop off combined with being trapped in cycle purgatory has got me so depressed and demoralized. I want to make an appointment with an RE to learn more about my options. I'm 37 and I don't have forever to wait. My husband got pissed and said it's too soon for that. He thinks we should try for a year or more and "if it happens it happens." I guess since men literally do none of the work and dont have to deal with the fallout of failed attempts, it's easy to be so casual about it. I know it can take months to get in with an RE, so I want to get going. Since literally all my husband has to do is provide a sperm sample, I am wondering if this is a process I can just take on by myself. I mean, if he doesn't have to come to the appointments, he probably wouldn't care if I move forward with this approach. I just don't want to listen to him man-splain how I'm being too sensitive, and we should just relax and "let it happen." Clueless!