Dye stealer questions

Hazel • ✨27/03/2022✨ 24 Engaged

Has anyone lost a dye stealer? I’m so scared of loosing this baby as it’s my 4th or possibly even 5th pregnancy.. I have lost every other angel before 10 weeks however I had never experienced a dye stealer before..

Also on this note is it unreasonable amid level 4 lockdown (I live in Nz) to request from my midwife a 9week scan to check everything due to my history? I got one at 6 weeks I’m now 7/2, however I was in the beginning stages of fertility testing when I got pregnant so I’m not sure what precautions can medically be taken as I didn’t make it through the testing..

Any questions welcome, I’m writing this beyond exhaustion so it may not all make sense.