Scared to take a pregnancy test🌈😞

Shaycie • 20, mama of 2 02•09•21🤍 | 07•29•22🤍 9 angel babies 👼🏻 TikTok/ Insta- Shaycie_jjones

It’s only my first month TTC#2 with PCOS but I’m scared of taking a pregnancy test only to have it be negative. My hubby was confused as to why we weren’t trying yet and I talked to him about this before we started ttc. I know I only ovulate every other month about with my cycle. I had a MC on Mother’s Day as well & 2 before I had my first full term baby. 💕 just scared of the journey

😞praying I have comfort through this and so grateful for the little girl I do have as well as my amazing hubby he’s been so supportive and caring through everything🙏🏻💜

Baby dust to you all✨❣️