Road trip essentials with a newborn?


Hi all! We are going on a road trip for about 15 hrs to see family around the holidays, and baby will be about four months old. We are taking our dog with us too and are trying to be modest about what we pack in our car because we only have so much room.

My question is, what baby essentials do you recommend taking with us? For example, we plan to buy and ship a pack and play to the grandparents house so they can just keep it at their place and we don’t have to travel with a sleep arrangement. Do we need to pack a high chair? Stroller? Would baby wearing be better than a stroller, knowing that our car seat is one of the ones that just attaches to the stroller? I feel like a baby carrier would be easier to pack, we don’t really plan on going crazy with places we go, and we will have the car seat at minimum to take to restaurants if we go out to eat.

What are your recommendations? Thank you! 💕