Food Poisoning while 18 weeks pregnant. HELP.

Jennifer • 25. Mommy. Wife. Pregnant.

So on 12/07/15 about 7pm, I started throwing anything and everything up. I thought it was morning sickness acting up. I was at work mind you, so little did I know my husband was experiencing the same symptoms. Then my diarrhea got so runny, it was like water. I'm sorry, TMI. but the rest of the night (I worked 6:30p-3a) I was constantly vomiting and nauseous. My coworker thought maybe ice chips would work since I couldn't even hold down water I was starting to get dehydrated. Nope. Eventually those came up too. Yesterday, 12/08/15, I was so blah. I slept a good 95% of the day. I didn't eat anything til about 11pm, and it was a banana. I read the BRAT diet is best. I held it down and went to sleep as though I ate a 3 course meal! Lol. It was so nice. Today, I woke up feeling much more alive. I had some toast and after I finish this I'm gonna work on a banana. Lol.

My question is, has anyone ever experienced this? It's my first time with food poisoning and of course I'm pregnant. I just wanna know the outcome and that baby was ok. I read that it hardly ever even affects baby. But still, I'd like some reassurance. Thanks ladies!