Potty training has officially started!

Bri • 🌈 💙 Baby boy born 10/20/19 after 3 losses

Jay has been showing interest for several months (a couple of my friend's kids are potty training) and would ask to sit on the potty when they would or sometimes when I would, even though normally he wouldn't actually do anything. The past week he would ask even when no one was going so I decided to embrace it!

It's Day One and we're doing the naked, no diaper method and boy we're off to a great start! 😂 So far before nap we had 2 pees on the potty (yay!), 2 pees on the floor, and one poop on the floor! 🙈

Anyone else try this method and tell me that it gets better?! I know it's a popular one and I really hope it sticks. I'm fully committed!

UPDATE: Day 2 showed a ton of progress! While still having accidents he had some successes and even pooped on the potty today!