2 week wait rant


Just wanted to come on here and just rant bc I’ve never felt the need to truly worry if I’m pregnant till now.

I just recently had Covid and only lost my smell. After 3 weeks I’m finally getting my smell back but EVERYTHING smells bad to me. Then yesterday for dinner I had 6 pieces of pizza (usually 3 is enough) and I was still hungry for more. My mom also recently had Covid and was telling me about how she finally got her appetite back and when I started telling her about my smell & hunger, she asked me if I was pregnant. My parents are your typical old school parents who don’t believe in sex before marriage and although I’m about to be 24 soon and have been with the same guy for 7 years, my mom believes I don’t do anything. Just earlier she questioned If I was pregnant which is weird considering she believes I don’t have sex. Welp, I’m due for Mother Nature in a week & a half so I guess I’ll see then 😅